Our Staff

At St Michael’s Catholic School we pride ourselves on the high calibre of staff we employ, and value their individual skills and talents.  All teachers are encouraged to share their skill base and work together to provide our children with the best learning opportunities possible.

Our staff are encouraged to participate in whole school and individual professional development and they are given many opportunities to do so.  Over the last two years they have undergone extensive training in the building of a Professional Learning Community.  This year more work will be done in this area as well as with Writing and ICT.  The Board of Trustees fully support the Professional Development of all Staff.

Senior Management Team

Ann McKeown
Ann McKeown Principal
Georgina van Schaijik
Georgina van SchaijikAssociate Principal (Senior School)
Catherine Westwood
Catherine WestwoodAssociate Principal (Junior School)

Middle Management

Teaching Staff

Lauren Brown
Lauren BrownRoom 1 | Year 0/1
 Catherine Westwood
Catherine WestwoodRoom 2 | Year 0/1
Christine King
Christine KingRoom 2 | Year 0/1 (Co-Teacher, Enrichment, Relief Teacher)
Charlotte Bagnall
Charlotte BagnallRoom 3 | Year 2 (Head of Events)
Karlie BergamimiRoom 4 | Year 1/2
Amy Kane
Amy KaneRoom 5 | Year 3
Rachel Dena
Rachel DenaRoom 6 | Year 3
Jessica Jost
Jessica JostRoom 7 | Year 4
Georgina van Schaijik
Georgina van SchaijikRoom 8 | Year 5/6
Paul Rose
Paul RoseRoom 9 | Year 5/6
Alayne Miller
Alayne MillerRoom 10 | Year 4/5

Support Staff 

Genevieve van Coller
Genevieve van CollerOffice Manager/Finance
 Helen Totua
Helen TotuaAbsentees/Roll call/Truancy
Paula Middleton
Paula MiddletonReading Recovery (Mornings only)
Terisa Cordtz
Terisa CordtzTeacher Aide/Library Co-ordinator
Claire Stirrat
Claire StirratTeacher Aide/Relief Teacher
 Tracey Torrens
Tracey TorrensTeacher Aide
Caroline Harris
Caroline HarrisTeacher Aide (Juniors)
Maria Ambrosio
Maria Ambrosio Teacher Aide (Seniors)
Peter Laver
Peter Laver Caretaker