15 March 2018

Dear St Michael’s School Community,

Parish and School Mass Saturday 3 March

Thank you for your presence at our first Parish / School Mass. The Choir were amazing; Amy worked very hard to get them to this standard.


Welcome to the Lamont family who have recently joined our SMCS community.

PAT & STAR testing results

This year we are trialling an online tracking system to analyse PAT & STAR results in order to help teachers and students identify next learning steps. We are hoping to be able to share results with parents when your child’s progress reports are sent out at the end of this term.

Home Learning Policy is Under Review

Please see the link from our website to review this policy and give us feedback https://www.smcs.school.nz/ go to ‘About Us’ – scroll down to Policies and Procedures.


The Senior School students have been developing an understanding that in a group people have different kinds of roles.

The Junior School students have been learning about different emotions and what they can do in class if they get upset.

After School Care

Students who are not collected by 3.30 p.m will be sent down to After School Care. This is a ‘user pays’ childcare organisation and parents will be charged.


Please be aware that NO dogs are allowed on school grounds during school hours; at drop off or pickup. We have a number of students who are scared of dogs and we need to keep all our students safe.

Prayer of St. Patrick

the strength of God pilot us, 

the wisdom of God instruct us,

the hand of God protect us,

the word of God direct us.


Congratulations to our ex-SMCS girls who have achieved Netball success at Baradene College. Four of our ex-girls, namely: Sophia Urlich, Ava Goodare, Taylor Fisher and Caitlin Weir made the Year 7A Netball team over 100 girls who trialed. Such a huge achievement and we are so incredibly proud of you!


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mahony family. Alfie’s great nana recently passed away. May she rest in peace.

Sports News

On Friday the 9th of March, St Michael’s Catholic school had their swimming sports at Sacred Heart College. There were junior races and senior races. There were competitive and non-competitive races. We really enjoyed seeing the house spirit of all the children. The house banners looked vibrant and it was great to see everyone cheering and encouraging one another.

We really want to thank our amazing community for giving up their day to ensure our event was successful. Thank you to our St Michael’s staff for taking care of us throughout the day. We really enjoyed working along side you and can’t wait to see you all at cross country.

By: Antonia Vlasic, Daniel Yovich, Stuart Holmes (sport leaders) 

PTA News

Scholastic Book orders have arrived and parents and/or students can pick up their books from the first breakout room in the morning at drop off time or Friday afternoon at pick up.
Books not picked up will be delivered to the classrooms.
Any questions contact
[email protected]