Principal’s Message

Dear St Michael’s School Community,

I cannot believe this term is almost over, it certainly has gone fast.

Reports and PATs

You all should have received your child’s Progress Report that has been sent through our management system. Any issues, please email [email protected]

For students in Year 4 to 6 you should have received a hard copy of the following PAT Reports:  Reading Comprehension, Reading Vocab and Mathematics. However if your child was absent during the testing week and catch-up days then no report will be given.

Parent / Teacher Interviews

These are taking place on Wednesday 2 May 1:30pm to 5:30pm and Thursday 3 May from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. Parents may wish to pick up your children on Wednesday 2 May at 1pm. There will be supervision for students until 2:55pm in the Hall (watching a movie).

Click on  ‘Make a Booking’

Enter ‘Event code’ which is bqsab

Follow the 3 Steps

Professional Development Focus 2018

This year all the teachers are having Professional Development in “Assessment for Learning” (AFL). Our emphasis is on Writing.  This course will help teachers clarify the learning for students, which in turn will help students take ownership of their own learning. Teachers and students will be working on goals to increase their Literacy capabilities.

The Lion King Dates and Times: Wednesday 27 June at 2pm and Thursday 28 June at 6pm

The students and teachers are very excited about being part of this production. Teachers have Drama and Music lessons to work through on a weekly basis. The whole school will take part in the production. We will keep you updated on ticket costs next term.

I wish you all a safe term break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 30 April.

Presentation by Astronaut Mike Hopkins

The presentation by Mike Hopkins was a huge success! It was great to see a few familiar faces from SMCS attending.

Prayer for ANZAC Day

“God of love and liberty, we bring our thanks this day for the peace and security we enjoy, which was won for us through the courage and devotion of those who gave their lives in time of war.”

God bless you,

Ann McKeown


Board of Trustee News

End of Term One 2018

Where has this first term gone? It seems to have disappeared in the rear view mirror at such a rate of knots! A highlight of the term was the Year 6 student leaders at Camp Adair and seeing the confidence and growth in the children over the week that they have brought back to their leadership roles and their classrooms. It was also great to see Steph Kerr and the PTA organise such a successful social evening on St Patricks day with many becoming Irish for the night!

As a Board, and from a school perspective it’s been a busy term of ensuring foundations are laid for a strong school year ahead; academically and spiritually.  Of note, having just completed the season of Lent, the lead-up to Easter and Holy Week, we are pleased to observe and participate in the many activities reinforcing our Catholic Special Character including the recent lovely School Mass and the on-going Becoming Church program.   Class masses are also very engaging for the children, and it’s great they are taking a more active role in these masses.

As noted by Sarah last month we are in the final stages of releasing our survey for 2017 leavers.  The Board really values this feedback from the families who left our school last year and we actively use this information to help us with improving all aspects of our school.  We want to make it easier for respondents and so, this year for the first time this survey will be completed online.  We will set up a separate survey response for the parents and the child(ren) so that we can collect feedback from past students and parents. This will be sent to families at the end of term 1.

At our last Board meeting we reviewed the first draft of the Health and Safety risk register which identifies the top 10 risks for the school. One of these key risks is traffic and in particular the safety of our children when they are dropped off before school and picked up after school.  As a Board we are concerned that those dropping off and collecting children from school are not adhering to requests from the school nor the clear markings on roads and kerbs.  We still observe daily occurrences of parents ‘just stopping for a minute’ despite many messages around safety.   While as parents we appreciate parking is tricky and it’s tempting to block driveways or park on yellow lines, they are there for a reason, and importantly for safety (such as visibility for the pedestrian crossing in Bassett Road).  Please can we ask you to take this seriously and role model the right choices for our children; in parking correctly, crossing roads at the crossing, and walking further if necessary to be safe.  We would much rather children were a little late to class, or late being collected than being unsafe.  We are looking at many options for how this can be improved, but it there isn’t an overnight solution.  Thank you for support here.

Finally, Many of you will be aware that the Board of Trustees elections are held every three years, with the next elections in June 2019. We will start succession planning next term and so if you are interested in what it takes to join the Board please talk to Sarah, myself or any other members of the Board.

Wishing you and your families an enjoyable April holiday.

Mat & Sarah, Co-Chairs

Thank You

St John Fundraiser – thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and supported the St John Fundraiser by wearing mufti and bringing a gold coin donation. Together we raised $401.00 for St John!

We all had a great time hearing from the paramedic Matt, about how they have to carry at 50km bag of equipment to every call out. A lot of us also got to have a look inside the ambulance and some of us even got to try out the stretcher! Lucky none of us were injured or sick for real!

By: Esmenia, Zoe and Emily

SMCS Culture

During the assembly on the 4th April, a group of students from across the school gave a special presentation to their schoolmates and parents.  St Michael’s is a school with only about 270 students, but within our community, over 24 nationalities and cultures are represented.  This makes us quite special, that we have so many cultural groups to discover and celebrate.  Some of the parents of the school have created a committee to do just that – celebrate our cultural diversity.  This is different to what we have done in the past – this is a new event for St Michael’s that we hope will grow and form part of an annual programme.
Some of you may have heard of a famous adventure book by a French writer, Jules Verne – Around the World in 80 Days.  In this story, a man was challenged by his friends to travel the world in 80 days.  From August 9th this year, we will have St Michael’s very own Around the World in 80 days journey, finishing with a cultural festival on the 28th of October.  Rather than a journey of travel, this will be a fun journey of learning where students and families will get an insight into the wide range of cultures represented by our students.  Watch this space.

Student Voice

The Fallen Tree – by Year 6 Enviro Leaders: Joseph Zitzenbacher & George Marshall

We arrived at school on Wednesday morning to see a huge branch of the big tree by the hall fallen over. It was totally blocking the driveway down to the hall and turf. It was soon clear that the tree was hit by lightning. We knew that it was lightning because it was black and burned where the tree had been struck.

Mrs McKeown had to contact tree cutters and book them in to come and remove the tree. We were moved to the top of the queue because our tree was so big!

Once the tree-cutters arrived it took them half an hour to remove the broken-limbs, there was a lot of very loud noise.There were three men and they had to use chainsaws, ropes and man-power. When they cut the limb from the trunk, the ground shook and wood chips went flying .The limb was so heavy the men had to cut it into 3 pieces to put in to the shredder. We were lucky that the the lighting strike didn’t cause a fire and burn our hall down!

Sports News

St Michael’s cricket A and B team both had a great day representing our school at the recent summer sports exchange at Cornwell Park Cricket Club. Team A won both of their games convincingly with some strong performances with the bat and great catches in the field.

Team B, with many new cricket players have showed fantastic improvement throughout the season and won one game from their two showing great teamwork throughout the day.

Thank you to all the parents who have helped coach, umpire, manage and transport the cricket teams this season.

PTA News

Every year, the SMCS PTA organises a night out for all the mums, called Girls Night Out (GNO). This year for GNO we have shaken things up a little.

We have decided to go with a smaller and more intimate cinema – Berkeley’s Cinema Mission Bay on Wednesday 9th May.  The mingle time pre-movie is 7.45 p.m.

This will allow those with little ones to put them to bed or perhaps pop out for an early dinner with friends before the movie.

The price this year has been reduced to $25 and does not include any beverages.

Don’t despair the venue has a bar where you can purchase your own.  

There will be no actual tickets and no allocated seats.  On the night there will be a master list of those that have paid. 

We will still have an awesome raffle and lovely spot prizes plus a gorgeous ‘treat on your seat’ and something sweet to nibble on.

As an early bird incentive ……if you pay before the 30th April you have the chance to win a bottle of bubbles and a $20 BP petrol voucher.

We are lucky to get an advanced screening of ‘Tully’ – Perfect for Mother’s Day.

It would be great to see you and your friends there. There are less seats this year so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Any questions please see or email Deahna on [email protected]

Payments $25pp: ASB Bank- St Michael’s School PTA 12 3075 0199134 00 

ParticularsGNO                CodeYour name                   ReferenceNo. of tickets


Beginning Experience Grief Weekend 18-20 May 2018

ALONE AGAIN? Widowed, Separated or Divorced? The Beginning Experience’s is a non-profit organization with the motto a “Weekend Away for a Lifetime of Change”. The retreat will help you work through your painful loss. The participants find new hope, increased emotional health and renewed energy. Date Friday evening 18-20 May 2018. Cost $295 or early bird price of $245 if paid by 14 April. Includes accommodation, meals and materials. Contact Carol 022-089-0458 or leave message on (09)360-3054. Visit

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