Message from the Principal

Dear St Michael’s School Community,

Tomorrow students will be supporting ‘Pink Shirt Day’ to stop bullying and spread kindness. Each of the classes have been doing activities about bullying and the effects it has on people.Please find something pink for your children to wear (shirt, scarf, ribbon etc).

St Michael’s School and Parish Mass – Saturday 26 May at 5pm

All students and families are invited to attend this Mass. Students wear their school uniform and need to be in the Parish Centre by 4:40pm. If your family is unable to attend please email their teachers to let them know. At the Mass students will be bringing up family prayers. Please read the Blurb below for more details.

Dear St Michael’s school families. I am asking that you join with me in setting aside the day of the next school mass (26th of May) as a day of prayer for the school community families and all staff.

The plan is all children will be given arrows to write the name of their immediate family on -and their teacher. The children can draw or decorate the arrows however they wish or not. The arrows will then be taken up to the alter by a class representative during the school mass. After mass I will be using all the arrows to make a display somewhere at school.
If you and your family could pray for the school community on the 26th of May that would be great. By pray I mean for a few minutes be together and pray. Another suggestion is go to church as a family during the day and light a candle and say a prayer. I have yet to meet a child that does not like lighting a candle.
If you, the Catholic adult in the family, not the child, want to you could fast that day.  In the past I  have fasted chocolate or alcohol or complaining. Fasting on this day may be your thing or not.
I think it is time for us as a collective to ask God for a few miracles.  Some families are facing major health issues, loss and the list goes on. Some families have a lot going on, and we need more than my best chocolate brownie right now. We need divine intervention and lavish blessing for this school community. From: Jessica Macdonald

SMCS Policy To Review Term 2 – Reporting to parents

  1. Go to
  2. Click Search for your school.
  3. Start typing the school name and then select from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the community username and password: Username: smcs Password: mackillop

This term we are reviewing Reporting to Parents. Please click on current review and then click on Reporting to parents and read the policy. Next you click on under review and complete the survey. Your feedback would be appreciated.


A warm welcome to Gian Pollaruste and family who joined us last week.

Student Safety

I am still seeing parents/caregivers driving into people’s driveways and parking on the yellow lines by the crossing. Please keep our students safe.

The Lion King 

Thank you to all the parents and students who helped with our working bee on Monday after school. Your help was much appreciated.

Worrying signs for Education in New Zealand

Teacher recruitment data shows there is a crisis looming in education. The number of people enrolling in teacher education courses is declining, 40% of new teachers leave the profession in their first five years, and more experienced teachers are leaving before retirement. Many Principals are choosing to leave the profession early as well.

Fortunately our school has not been affected, but nationwide the availability of teachers is declining.

This is not good news for your child/ren. We all want well trained, skilled, passionate teachers in every classroom. Children also need high quality relieving teachers, skilled, energetic principals and competent support staff. Our school has these now, but we worry that if nation-wide trends continue, St Michael’s will be impacted by the shortage.

In June teachers and principals will be negotiating our new employment agreements. We will be focusing on improvements to attract and retain the best and brightest teachers to work with our children. That means competitive pay, but also freeing up teachers and principals from paperwork and compliance, so that they have more time to focus on every child’s learning.

Please support us in trying to improve the profession, because if we can do that, we will achieve an improved education for your child.

 Pentecost Prayers

O Holy Spirit, who descended upon the Apostles and filled them with power and wisdom, watch over me and guide me in all my thoughts and acts. Never let me forget to call on you whenever I need help. O Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, come into our hearts, shed the brightness of Your light on all nations, that they may be one in faith and pleasing to You, Amen.” (

  St Mary MacKillop Hall

The St Mary MacKillop Hall will be unavailable between Monday 25 June and Friday 29 June from 8 a.m. Monday until 3 p.m. Friday due to the Lion King production. (i.e. no sports practices that week!) Performance Net and Playball have been notified.

Student Voice

Player of the Day!

On Saturday I got player of the day in Rugby. My first try I was going top speed to score the try . My second try I scored close to the try line, then it was half time for the two teams. The game was back on! I scored 2 more tries  but  my 5th try was near the end of the game. There was only 10 seconds to go. I tried so hard to score the last try and I did it as the whistle was about to be blown. I got player of the day. I was so happy!
By: Max Maher – Room 3

Team NZ Golf Tournament

Last week I got to represent New Zealand at the Trans-Tasman Cup Golf Tournament. We played against the Australian kids over 2 days and won our division – Team New Zealand won 18 to 5 all up.

I also won closest to the pin, which is where you hit the ball and whoever gets it closest to the hole in one go wins. It was really fun!!

By: Yuri Lee – Room 3 

Environment Leaders Update

By: George Marshall & Joseph Zitzenbacher – Room 8 


PTA News

There will be a whole School Mass on Saturday 26th May at 5pm.  Afterwards all families and parishioners are invited to stop by the hall where the PTA will take care of dinner and desert.  Please come along and support the PTA by purchasing a gourmet sausage or a pulled pork bun for dinner and then go into the hall to check out the wonderful baked products at the SMCS annual cake stall.

It would be appreciated if each family could support the fundraising efforts of the school by bringing a baked item to the hall before church on that Saturday.  If you are able to help out with baking cakes, cupcakes, slices, loaves, biscuits, etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

No special packaging is required.  The cake stall helpers will work their magic.  Disposable plates work best.

Alternatively, we will also have large cake boxes available from the school office next week, should you wish to collect one.

If you would like to help in setting up, cooking, serving or clean up on the night please contact Deahna on [email protected]

Entertainment Books

Another way to support the school in their fundraising efforts is by purchasing an Auckland Entertainment Book.   Hundreds of great value offers are ready for your enjoyment.  Please contact Natasha if you are interested in purchasing a book this year.  [email protected]

Girls Night Out

Thank you to those who supported yet another successful Girls Night Out; especially a big thank you to Deahna for organising this event again this year.

There was a bit of scepticism about the move Tully, as the first trailer looked rather depressing and perhaps something a little more upbeat for a ‘Girls Night Out’ might’ve been desirable, however the movie was well received.  It was thought provoking, funny and as the promotional material said ‘perfect for Mother’s Day’.  If you weren’t able to make it along last Wednesday it’s well worth grabbing a girlfriend and seeing it.

The new venue was intimate and worked well.  A big thank you to those that helped secure goodies for the raffle, the spot prizes and the treat on your seat, as well as those that helped in other ways.  Thanks to the class reps and the PTA for once again encouraging Mums to come along and to those SMCS Mums that asked friends from outside school, it was a packed theatre.

Thank you to a number of Mums who made the night a success including Angelic, Jessica, Justine, Lane, Laura, Nancy, Paula, Rachel, Steph, Susanna, Vanessa, and Yii.  We would also like to thank the local businesses that continue to support our school, including;  BP, Clinque, Global Home Interiors, Holistic Body Therapy, Hoyts, Rejuvena, Shore Rd Cafe, The Corner Bar and The Pullman.

Congrats to Nicci Delany who won the Mother’s Day hamper.  The raffle raised over $500 and the total proceeds from the night were over $1500These funds will go towards new maths resources for both the junior and senior school.

Thank you to the entire school community for their continued support of the fundraising efforts at SMCS.


Choral Vigil Mass for Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.

And you shall renew the face of the earth.

With the Cathedral Vocal Ensemble.

Saturday 19 May at 7.30 pm at the Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph,

43 Wyndham Street, Auckland City.

Validated parking available at the Wilson Car Parks on Hobson Street ($4) and Durham Lane ($2). Please bring your ticket to validate in the Cathedral.