Dear St Michael’s School Community,

We are halfway through Term 4 and we have many events planned for our students and families. Athletics Day tomorrow. Please refer to the calendar on our website.

**There will be no end of year shared lunches due to a large number of our students with life threatening food allergies.

Cultural Festival

WOW!! This was an amazing event for our whole school, parish and wider community. I feel so proud belonging to this beautiful school community. Two parents Yii Petrus and Angelic Murray were the key instigators of this festival. A big thank you to the Festival Committee and the PTA led by Steph Kerr. Thanks also to everyone who got involved and gave their support (BOT, Staff, parents, and parish).

Staff Changes For 2019

Paul Rose has resigned and Alayne Miller will not be returning next year (accepted a position at a school closer to home). They both will be missed and we wish them all the best. Anna Harvey has resigned from full time teaching however she will be around in a relieving capacity.

The Board have employed two new experienced Teachers: Philippa Barling (currently teaching in Melbourne) and Sarah Robertson (currently teaching in Christchurch). Both of these teachers will be in the Senior School.

Baradene Prize-giving – Ex SMCS Students received Awards (complete list)

Year 11Jess Caesar, Katie Watkin, Holly Tombleson, and Petra Buyck

Year 12Felicity Piper, Mikaele Ymker, Bella Hosking, Ruby Hosking, Claudia Green, Honor Browne, Sophie Everitt, Sophia Lynch, Emily Hooper and Lisa Cwetler

Year 13 – Hannah Fuller – major award and Catholic Diocese Scholarship, Lily Thomlinson, Ella O’Connell-Biddlecombe – Uni Scholarship, and Bronte Gregario-Hansen –  Uni Scholarship

Encountering Christ

Jesse Tree Mass – Saturday 1 December at 5pm (students are to wear their school uniform and be at school by 4:40pm).

Parish Newsletter Reconciliation for parents and families. There will be an opportunity for reconciliation for families after the 10am mass on 25th November. This session is designed to make it easy for parents with young children to go to the sacrament of reconciliation and they are completely child friendly. There will be two priests available. All welcome.

 November Is the Time to Remember the Dead

Almighty Father, source of forgiveness and salvation, grant that our relatives and friends who have passed from this life may, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the saints, come to share your Eternal happiness through Christ our Lord. Amen (

Manaaki ki te Atua,

Ann McKeown




The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are independent skills-based assessments with a competition element. Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

ICAS assessments offer students experience in sitting large scale examinations.

We are very proud of all the students who participated and wish to acknowledge and Congratulate those who achieved High Distinction, Distinction, Credit and Merit results.


High Distinction:

Year 6 – William Harris; Flynn Molloy


Year 6 – Emily Choi;
Year 5 – James Barrington;


Year 6 – Sammie Corse-Scott; Marko Glass; Zara Zazulak-Baker
Year 5 – Jonathan Luxford; Lucy Morrison; Ashley Robins; Thomas Went; Jakub Wolski
Year 4 – Sofia Glass; Kian Manangan; Stella Valerio


Year 6 – Leandre Canapi; Zoe Dignan; Hiranya Fernando; Georgia Fisher;
Year 5 – Hans Jayamanne; Skye Tong
Year 4 – Zander Cabiling  


High Distinction:

Year 5 – Dora Slavich


Year 4 – Sofia Glass


Year 6 – Hiranya Fernando
Year 5 – Audrey Gleeson, Eva Houghton, Hans Jayamanne, Angeline Loh, Zara Page, Antonia Urlich, Thomas Went, Jakub Wolski, Gabriella Wooler
Year 4 – Zander Cabiling, Eve Glennie, Stella Valerio


Year 6 – Zara Zazulak-Baker


High Distinction:

Year 6 – Flynn Molloy


Year 6 – Emily Choi, Zoe Dignan, Hiranya Fernando, Marko Glass
Year 5 – Jonathan Luxford, Thomas Went
Year 4 – Stella Valerio


Year 6 – Dre Canapi
Year 5 – James Barrington, Ashley Robins, Skye Tong


Year 5 – Niko Purdie, Stavro Purdie, Jakub Wolski
Year 4 – Eden Cuevas



Year 6 – Flynn Molloy
Year 5 – Gabriella Wooler
Year 4 – Sofia Glass


Year 6 – Alex Dew, Zoe Dignan, Samantha Munapeyi
Year 5 – Jonathan Luxford
Year 4 – Zander Cabiling, Sophia Canale, Alejandro Gollop


Year 5 – Dora Slavich
Year 4 – Eve Glennie

Digital Technologies:

High Distinction:
Year 6 – Flynn Molloy
Year 5 – James Barrington


Year 6 – Marko Glass
Year 5 – Jonathan Luxford, Gabriella Wooler


Year 6 – Hiranya Fernando
Year 5 – Eva Houghton, Lucy Morrison, Zara Page, Jakub Wolski
Year 4 – Zander Cabiling, Sofia Glass, Eve Glennie


Year 6 – Dre Canapi


Year 6 – Emily Choi, Zoe Dignan, Hiranya Fernando, Zara Zazulak-Baker
Year 5 – Jakub Wolski, James Barrington, Jonathan Luxford


Year 6 – Sammie Corse-Scott, Georgia Fisher, Flynn Molloy
Year 5 – Dora Slavich, Gabriella Wooler
Year 4 – Sophie Mary Brake, Emma Carran, Sofia Glass, Francesca Harris, Kian Manangan


Year 6 – William Harris
Year 5 – Zara Page, Skye Tong, Antonia Urlich
Year 4 – Zander Cabiling


Students in Room 9 have been working on Passion Projects, with the theme being “Never see a need without doing something about it”. The students had to choose something they are passionate about and use it to help others. Here are some of their efforts. (Pics from left to right)

Pic 1 – Antonia and Alex with the baking they made for Auckland City Mission.

Pic 2 – Victoria and Iris collected toiletry packs for people who live on the street.

Pic 3 – Iris, Alex, Antonia and Victoria visited Auckland City Mission to give their donations and learn more about the Mission.

Pic 4 – Charlie, Stuart, and Daniel with the board game they created for students to use during wet lunchtimes.

Pic 5 – Katy made an enviro group to pick up rubbish around the school and take care of the environment.

(Pics below from left to right)

Pic 6 – Samantha and Amelie held a bake sale to raise money for toys and books for children at Starship Hospital.

Pic 7 – Samantha and Amelie presenting the toys and books they collected, Esmenia with the soft toy she made, and Cameron presenting the comic book he made for the children at Starship Hospital.

Pic 8 – Niko made video reviews of educational Ipad apps for the junior school.

Pic 9 – William, George, with the help of Joseph making a bird feeder to attract native birds to the school.

Pic 10 – George and William with their completed bird feeder.

Pic 11 – Ashley learnt how to knit and made 3 scarfs which she donated to Variety, the children’s charity.

Student Voice

Junior Rugby Taupo Tournament 2018 – by Flynn Harrison

On the 13th September 2018 my Dad (Brenton Harrison) and I (Flynn Harrison) drove down to Taupo with the College Rifles under 11 Bombers team for a Rugby tournament. Another College Rifles team, the 10 Bullets, were there too.

We all drove down to Taupo on the Thursday for weigh-in. Once that was finished we all went back to where we were staying to settle in. We all met up at Lone Star for dinner.

On Friday 14th September, it was the start of the tournament. We had a big opening ceremony led by the local Iwi and once that was done we went back to our tent. We had to get ready to warm up for our first game against Marist. The game was only 15 minutes each way but full field. We were excited after that game because we had won, but we still had one more game for the day.

Once we had won that game that was it for the rest of the day. We were all knackered after that.

That night we all went to the place where our managers were staying. They had rented this really nice accomodation and Lake Taupo was right out the window. They had this pool that was hot, and a spa which was so hot you couldn’t get into it. The managers had organised some really cool fireworks. Some boys got chosen to say thank you to our coaches, managers and referee. One of my teammates called Avilai did a really funny speech to one of our coaches.

For our first game on Saturday we were versing Marist St Pats and we beat then convincingly. After the match they come and gave us a ribbon to show great sportsmanship.  

We succeeded in getting into the main competition quarter-finals, meaning we had to verse the home team Taupo. Sadly we lost our first game of the quarter  .

That night we went to Debretts and we went on the water slides, pools and we also had dinner there.

Sunday was the last day and we competed in the  semifinals for the Shield and we won! We were officially in the finals for the Shield and versed Pakaraga Crusaders (they are one of our oldest rivals and we have not won one game against them before) and sadly we lost.

We came 6th out of 32 teams. That wasn’t bad for my first time  going to the the Taupo Tournament. The whole team was happy we placed (it was the best the team had ever done) and we also had lots of fun on the way.

PTA News

St Michael’s Food & Cultural Festival

Special thank you!!!!

At the beginning of this year a group of parents on the St Michael’s PTA had a dream to create a community event that would enable the school and the parish to work collaboratively to bring together different communities and to have an event that show-cased our school and our church.   A bonus of the event would be fundraising for our school hall.   Over the past 6 months we had tremendous support from our sponsors who too believed in our dream and trusted that we could deliver this for them.   We had a huge group of parents who supported us too.   So as you know on Sunday 4th November, despite the weather initially causing some anxieties, we put our hope in God and he answered our prayers.  Not only was the weather amazing for our special day, we had over 1000 visitors from all over Auckland.   Our school shone brightly and the community got to see how very special our school community is.

The organising committee were truly blown away by the school community, the board of trustees and teachers who made up a formidable team of 90 volunteers on the day.  We couldn’t have organised such a wonderful event without you. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Over the coming weeks the organising committee will finalise the fundraising amount and communicate that to school.  Plans have also begun to secure the date for the 2019 event and to secure our Premium sponsors.   Please watch this space for the “save the date announcement” in the next newsletter.

Thank you again for helping make the first St Michael’s Food & Cultural Festival a great success!

Athletics Carnival

The PTA will be hosting a sausage sizzle at the athletics carnival on Friday and will be selling sausages in bread, ice creams, water and popsicles, please see the price list below.  Please support the PTA in their final fundraising activity for 2018!

Water $1.00
Sausage in bread $2.00
Popsicles $2.00
Trumpet ice cream $3.00
Kapiti ice cream $4.00

Ice Cream Sales

On a Tuesday and Friday afternoon the PTA will be selling ice creams left over from the Cultural Festival.  Please look out for one of the friendly PTA members outside the junior block after school on these days.   What a great way to end the school day while we have beautiful sunny afternoons.  Please bring along coins on those days if you would be interested in purchasing an ice cream for afternoon tea.  Prices will be $2, $3 and $4.

Planning Session for 2019

The PTA has been busy this week working on the calendar of fundraising and social events for 2019 and will finalise the plan at this year’s final PTA meeting to be held next Tuesday 20 November at 7pm in the staff room.   If you would like to contribute to the plans for 2019 please come along to this meeting or email your thoughts and ideas to the PTA on email: [email protected]

Class Representative – the PTA are calling for volunteers to become class representatives for 2019. Class Reps form part of the PTA committee and are responsible for communicating information to their assigned class regarding upcoming events and school activities.  They are also responsible for organising social gatherings for their class.  A description of the duties involved is available if you are unsure of what would be involved.  Becoming a class rep is a wonderful way to become involved in your child’s class and to be a special part of the school community by welcoming new families and uniting families throughout the year.

 If you think you would like to be a class rep next year please contact Deahna Barrington on email: [email protected] .   Class Representatives will be assigned for 2019 prior to the 2018 school year finishing.  So get in quick!

An information session will be held for all new class reps to provide support and guidance.    So don’t be frightened to put up your hand!  We are here to help you.

Yummy Stickers

It’s been another fabulous result this year from the Yummy Stickers, with over 8505 collected in total, which this year translated into $935 worth of sports equipment for the school.  Hula hoops, tennis balls, hurdles etc.

Thank you to everyone who collected the stickers, your effort really made a difference.

The winning house this year was Pompallier.   Congratulations!!!

Every sticker counts so please start collecting for 2019.

See the links below to print out forms.


Upcoming Events at the Cathedral

Advent Vespers and Carol Service

A service of Carols and Readings for the Season of Advent at the Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph. Saturday, 1 December at 7.30 pm. All are welcome to share this tradition as we journey towards Christmastide and prepare the way of the Lord. Entry FREE but there will be a retiring collection. Validated parking is available at the Wilsons’ car parks on Hobson Street ($4) and Durham Lane ($2 entry from Queen St only).

Masses for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary at the Cathedral

Saturday, 8 December at 8.30 am and a Choral Mass at 7.30 pm with the Cathedral Vocal Ensemble directed by James Tibbles.

Validated parking will be available for both Masses.

Director of Religious Studies 3MU

We are looking for a highly effective teacher able to lead St Mary’s College in the role of DRS, full time, permanent, commencing Term 1, 2019.

A willingness and an ability to take part in religious instruction appropriate to the Special Character of the school shall be a condition of appointment.

St Mary’s College is a Special Character Year 7-13 college with a strong tradition of successfully preparing young women to make a difference through academic success, holistic education and the building of strong values. We are a forward- thinking school with a strong use of technology, excellent facilities, and supportive collegial staff.  Involvement in extra-curricular will be expected. Please state subject strengths

Applicants must be NZ registered. Applications close 27 November 2018. Please complete an application form on website & send with CV & cover letter to [email protected]