Term 3 Newsletter 05 September 2019

Dear St Michael’s School Community,

I hope you all enjoyed our Cultural and Grandparents Days, I had a number of grandparents email me to congratulate our school and PTA for the wonderful time they had.  Please take time to look at the photos of these events below.


Beatrice Road can only be used to drop off or pick up children and then go. Please if you wish to accompany your child or need to leave your car, use the Bassett Road entrance. This is a safety issue!

Please Note: There will be a funeral on Monday 9th September at 2 p.m. at St Michael’s Church. Parents are NOT to collect their children from Beatrice Road. All children are to be collected from Bassett Road. We ask parents/caregivers to be mindful of parking on broken yellow lines (this is illegal) and parking in residents driveways.

Shortage of Relief Teachers

We are struggling to find relievers for teachers who are away sick and so at times, we have needed to split classes. This is not something we like doing but unfortunately with the shortage of teachers we have no other alternative.

Caring Shed

Monte Cecilia and the St Vincent de Paul really appreciate all the goods you bring. Please do not bring bottled food items as these have broken in the shed and have caused a big mess.

Congratulations to the following Speech Finalists:

Year 4 – Rosie Stones, Petra Slavich, Anika Cruz

Year 5 – Anna Karpik, Sean Williams, Grace Thomson

Year 6 – Thomas Went, Angie Marques-Ruiz, Jonathan Luxford, Dora Slavich    

Encountering CHRIST

Class Masses are on Wednesdays at 9:15 a.m.: 11.09.19 – Room 10; 18.09.19 – Room 9

School Rosary Group: Held on Thursdays at lunch times. Encourage your students to join.

11 September, Justin Taylor SM “What is the power of the Spirit that was given to Peter and Paul and the early Church?”; Reflection Day “TAIZE” – Friday 13 September 2019 – 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. A meditative, candlelit service which will include singing of chants, listening to the Word of God, intercessory prayer and ample time for a quiet prayer in an atmosphere of silence and peace. Facilitator: Jill McLoughlin rsj Venue: Mary MacKillop Chapel, 56 Selwyn Avenue, Mission Bay, Auckland Light supper served at conclusion. Registrations to: [email protected] For more details go to www.remueracatholic.org.nz

Today is Saint Teresa of Calcutta Feast Day 

“Let them look up and see no longer us, but only Jesus. Stay with us and then we shall begin to shine as you shine, so to shine as to be light to others. The light, O Jesus, will be all from you.” (St Teresa of Calcutta prayer).

Manaaki ki te Atua,

Ann McKeown

Cultural Day Photos

BOT News

Dear Parents,

Hurray! Spring has arrived and hopefully with it some good weather….

We have had two (2) meetings as a new Board of Trustees following the mid-year elections and it is great to see so much enthusiasm and energy from the new team.  We look forward to supporting our great staff and ensuring excellence in educational outcomes for each student and protecting the special culture and ethos of St Michael’s.

Following on from our update earlier this year (https://www.smcs.school.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Artificial-Turf-Newsletter-from-BOT.pdf) on the Artificial Turf there have been some common themes in the questions raised by the community. We thought we would take the opportunity to address these questions.

Turf FAQ’s

Which is better – Grass or Turf?

Turf technology is designed to offer play-ability akin to optimum natural grass year-round without costly maintenance (mowing, spraying, aerating and watering) and use limitations (during wet or extremely dry periods). The turf retains its consistency over years of demanding use. The systems are designed to deliver traction and shock absorption like the very best grass in whatever weather comes our way!

Are there more accidents on artificial turf?

There have been a lot of claims regarding the safety and injuries associated with synthetic grass. While you can find anything on the internet there is no reputable independent sources which conclude that synthetic surfaces are any less safe than grass. In fact in summer when the ground can become rock hard the turf, with shock absorption, is far more preferable.

Doesn’t the turf retain heat and is hot to play on?

Turf grass is made from a synthetic yarn. These materials are durable and U.V stabilised for Australian conditions, which are much more extreme than in New Zealand.

Doesn’t the water just sit on the turf when it rains?

Turf systems have specially designed drainage holes placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.

Games and practices can often be held during heavy rain or immediately thereafter, without heightened risk of slipping or injury, due to the fibres’ ability to shed water quickly.

Why can’t we just put more drainage in?

Given the subterranean issues this is likely to be as costly as turf. Even with improved drainage the fields would need to be closed during wet patches to preserve the grass, much the same as happens with Auckland Council grounds, which are generally well drained but still end up being closed.

Will the turf have those irritating black beads/crumb?

We are still assessing the different turfs provided by the different vendors. Our strong preference, however, is to go with a product that is specifically  designed without the need for rubber infill (the black crumb), which, at least one of the vendors have put forward as an option.

How is the turf maintained?

The type of turf being considered requires limited maintenance once installed, less than traditional grass. The turf needs to be kept clear of debris and once a year it should be sprayed to prevent moss and any other fungal growth. Again, a number of the options include annual maintenance contracts with turf specialists.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the SMCS Property Master Plan and have organised for a few of the Board to be available in the school hall on Wednesday 18th September at 6.30 p.m. to answer any of your questions. If you cannot make it along then you can raise your questions with Ann, myself or any member of the Board of Trustees.

Nga mihi,

Jon Williams
Chair (On behalf of SMCS Board of Trustees)

PTA News

SMCS Run-a-thon

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their sponsorship money to date.  Any last payments can be made by placing the money in a named envelope in the PTA box at the School Office or depositing it directly into the PTA account using the following reference:

PTA Bank Account Number: 12-3075-0199134-00

Particulars               Code              Reference
Child’s name               Class                Runathon

Don’t miss the Cross Country Assembly on Wednesday 18th September from 2 p.m. when our fundraising total and prize winners will be announced!

Grandparents’ Day

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who helped with this!  It was well-run and a really enjoyable day for all the Grandparents.  We especially appreciated the baking and contributions from parents.  Special thanks to Laura Thomson and Julia Glennie for co-ordinating the PTA efforts for this.

2019 Yummy Sticker Collection

Thanks so much to those who have been collecting stickers and bag labels.  The collection for this ends at the end of Term 3 so collect as many as you can over the next few weeks!  Last year, we managed to earn over $900 worth of sports equipment for the school so this is really beneficial for us.  Please place full sheets in the PTA box outside the office.

https://www.yummyfruit.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/SSP- pdf_Sticker_Collection_Sheet_compressed.pdf

Calendar Art Fundraiser 2019 – COMING SOON!

There are some amazing pieces of art being created at school for the 2019 Calendar Art Fundraiser – these ever popular products will be available to be ordered soon.   This year the products will need to be purchased online (similar to the Scholastic Book orders and school photos etc).   Order forms and full details will be sent out at the end of Week 8 with orders open during Weeks 9 and 10.

Products available for purchase will include: 2020 calendars and diaries, sketch pads, cards and mouse pads.  All items will be $15.  Samples of the products are available to view at the School Office.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

 Open this week on Friday 6th September from 2.30 p.m. until 3.15 p.m.  Summer shirts will be on sale!

If you no longer need your school gymnastics leotard, please consider donating it to the Uniform Shop for resale. Please also remember the Uniform Shop when your uniforms are getting too small and need to be replaced!  We accept all items for resale: jumpers/cardigans, school socks and shoes, shirts and shorts, PE uniforms, school jackets….. Donated items can be dropped into the School Office.

The next PTA Meeting is Tuesday 22 October at 7 p.m. in the staff room.  All parents welcome.

Sports News

Auckland Orienteering Kids Summer series starts up again at the end of October

Auckland Orienteering Club (AOC) is a sporting club serving the orienteers of Auckland City, the largest city in New Zealand, with around 1.3 million people, lots of volcanoes (mostly dormant), two coasts (Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean), and a lot of beaches.

The primary purpose of an Orienteering Club (OC) is to organise orienteering events, navigation races on a specialised map.  That means that one of an OC’s major tasks is preparing and printing orienteering maps.  AOC has more than 300 members, a couple of dozen maps, and runs 30+ events each year.

If you are keen to join, visit our website at www.orienteeringauckland.org.nz/  or  email: [email protected]

Touch Rugby 2019/20 Summer Season: Hi all College Rifles has a brand new turf!

It’s that time again… Touch Rugby summer registrations have opened for 2019/20 season. Last year we had 5 teams registered. Ideally team numbers are minimum 7/8 with a maximum 10 players per team.

There are several important points to note so this is a long email. Please make sure you are aware of all the information before you register.

The season runs over Term 4 2019 and Term 1 2020 with a break over summer school holidays.  http://www.sporty.co.nz/crjuniortouchrugby


  • First game is Friday 25th October for 8 weeks finishing Friday 13th December. The Season takes a break over the school holidays then resumes in February 7th for 5 weeks to finish off Friday 7th March.
  • All games are Friday nights at set times. This season they are:

5:30 p.m.: Year 1 & 2

6:00 p.m.: Year 3 & 4

6:30 p.m.: Year 5 & 6

  • The fee from the club is $475 per team. The amount payable per child will be the full cost of the season divided among the total number of St Michael’s players registered, not per team. This cost will include a player of the day trophy per team, treats for first game and any gear that needs to be replaced (last year each team was issued with a gear bag, two touch balls and a set of cones for practices and each year some needs to be replaced/replenished).
  • The youngest team is for year 1-2 students. We will not take registrations from year 0 students in the first instance. If you have an interested yr 0 child you can send their name in and they will go on a waiting list to be added to a year 1/2 team only if there are places. Priority will be given to those that have siblings registered at any age.
  • Players can play up a grade (but not down). If you have a very able year 2 or 4 child, e.g. they play winter rugby and wish to play them up a grade let us know.
  • Please use this Google Form link to register your family. If you have more than one child to register just use one form and list them in the spaces e.g. for names for us would read ‘Jonathan, Samuel’ Christopher’ and under year of student ‘6,3,1’ (or feel free to save me some time and fill in one form per child!)


Mike and Helen Luxford (Email: [email protected]  Mob: 021704102)


Come try BMX at East City (Glen Innes)

OPEN DAY FOR NEW RIDERS – October 16th & 23rd Website: eastcitybmx.com

BMX offers a great opportunity for anyone who rides a bike and is interested in racing on a BMX track to learn new bike skills.
Come join us for one of our open day clubnites – we will get you all set up.
BMX is a great sport for both boys & girls aged from 4 years up.
The great thing about BMX as a sport is that the whole family can get involved, no matter what age the kids are they all can do the same sport at the one time and place.
Bring along a good working order bike. Bikes sizes can be from a 16 inch BMX to 26 inch mountain bike.
For your protection you will also need a good bike helmet (preferred full face) long pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves (any type will do), shoes and socks that cover the ankle.
If you do not have some of the safety gear just ask at the points or registration hut at the track.