Dear St Michael’s School Community,

We are very excited having our students back at school next week, they have been greatly missed by us all. I hope the Mum’s had a lovely Mothers’ Day and that your children looked after you.

Distance Learning

We will continue to set tasks for students who do not attend school over the next two weeks. The set tasks will not be as comprehensive as the last five weeks as the teachers will be teaching in their rooms. For the Junior students, individual packs will be made up and arrangements will be made for you to pick these up. For the Senior students the tasks will be sent through Google Classroom.

School Books and Readers

Please ensure you wash your hands before handling books at home.

Ministry of Education and Attendance

At Alert Level 2 the Ministry of Educations state that it is compulsory for students to attend school. They have told schools that If parents or caregivers are choosing not to have their child undertake school-led learning from home, it is recommended this is coded as an unjustified absence.” They have also stressed that we need to acknowledge parents fears and for schools to show understanding and empathy towards families at this time.

Alert Level 2 – New Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

We want everyone’s arrival and departure from school, at Alert Level 2, to be successful and safe. Please become familiar with these new drop off and pick up procedures. The Ministries of Education and Health require that we need to record the names of every person who comes onto the school site during the school day. Student details will be captured through the daily roll.

The School Site

The school site will officially start at:

  • Bassett Road gate, and
  • Beatrice Road – the top of the driveway to the left of Church (the gate between the Parish House and School is locked).

Contact Tracing and Recording Names

Parents and caregivers who enter the school site will need to record their names by: –

  • using the school loop app (see details below)

A new “Contact Tracing” tile will be available Saturday morning on the Skool loop app which is very simple to use and user friendly like all your school app functions! Please be aware that while most phones will automatically update there will be some that don’t and will need the user to update the Skool Loop App. 

OR –

  • write their name on a contact tracing sheet outside Room 1 or by the foyer at the main school office, if unable to use the school loop app. (Please use the Hand Sanitiser before using the pen).

Key messages regarding Drop off and Pick up

  • Have the school loop app downloaded and ready to go.
  • Bring your own pen if you need to sign in.
  • Ensure your children clearly understand their drop off and pick up arrangements.
  • Please avoid coming onto the ‘school site’ if possible. This could be done by:
  • asking your children to walk to school.
  • arranging a place to meet your children away from the school.
  • dropping off and picking up your children away from the main gate.
  • If entering the school site check in using the skool loop app or use the contact tracing sheets on the tables. Parents whose children are starting their first day at SMCS are able to drop their child off at his/her classroom in the mornings.
  • Drop off and pick up children quickly to ensure the school site is cleared of all people. Avoid going into any classrooms.

Drop Off

  • No students are to be at school before 8:15 a.m. unless going to Before School Care.
  • Mrs McKeown will be welcoming the children at Bassett Road and Miss van Coller will be welcoming children at Beatrice Road
  • Road Patrol will be as per normal from 8.30 a.m. each morning
  • Farewell your child at Bassett Road gate or top of driveway at Beatrice Road.
  • If entering the ‘school site’ check in using the skool loop app or tracing sheet situated in the two designated areas.
  • Please do not go into classrooms and leave the site quickly.
  • On departing the school ‘check out’ using the school loop app or sign out on the tracing sheet.

Pick up

  • To stagger the pick-ups parents can request to have their children picked up at 2.30 p.m. by emailing Genevieve at [email protected]noting their child’s name and area of pickup (Bassett or Beatrice Road).
  • Ensure your children clearly understand their pick up arrangements.
  • Adults entering the ‘school site’ need to check in using the app or tracing sheets on the tables and check out or sign out when they leave.
  • For Rooms 1 and 2 – please email your child’s teacher as to which entrance your child will be picked up from (Catherine Westwood will be at Bassett Road and Isabella Anderson will be at Beatrice Road).
  • Everyone needs to depart the school site quickly. Playgrounds will be closed.
  • Road Patrol will be as per normal from 3.00 p.m. each afternoon

Extra Curricular

Before and After School Care and Performance Net will have their own contact tracing Level 2 procedures in place that you will be required to follow.

Encountering CHRIST

From Bishop Patrick Dunn

I encourage you all to pray the Sunday Mass with your whanau, you can do this by going to the following diocesan website where Sunday Mass will be available on the front page of the website from 6.00 p.m. each Saturday.

 St Michael’s Parish Website Please keep up-to-date with what is happening in our parish.

Prayer For The day

“No new cases yesterday! Alleluia! And today we are in level 2.
Beloved God, love us into wholeness
When we’re tempted to downplay the past weeks, remind us of the virus’s toll
When we’re gung-ho to celebrate our new freedom, keep us conscientiously careful
When we’re focused narrowly on our country, open us to the suffering and healing in the world
When we lose heart at Covid’s rampage, prompt us to gratitude for all the essential workers
When we’re overcome by the rebuilding ahead, infuse us with imagination and resilience
When we think we did it all on our own, forgive us our ignorance
When we’re rushing to make everything as it was before, slow us to weigh up the best for the new future
When we’re feeling isolated, gather us into communion
For it is for love that we made the sacrifices
And by loving that we pave the way for healing
And by being in love that the future is possible

(Adapted from Tui Motu Magazine. Issue 160 May 2012: 8-9)

‘Moist Breath Zone: NZ guidelines for children going back to school after Covid-19 quarantine- (click on the link to view) 

Manaaki ki te Atua,
Ann McKeown

PTA News

Second Hand Uniform Shop

From next Monday, 18th May, the PTA will be offering a contact-less sales service of second hand uniforms as we start back at school.  We have a good supply of most winter uniform items, including school jackets and jumpers, so please email us with any inquiries.
The process will be as follows:
1.  Email your requests to [email protected] – please specify your exact requirements (e.g. girls’ winter shirt size 8 x 2 or boys shorts size 10 x 1).
2.  We will get back to you asap with availability and prices.
3.  If you are happy to proceed with the order, we will ask that you transfer payment to the PTA bank account.
4.  The items will then be sent home with your child.
5.  If you need to exchange or return any items, we will arrange this.
6.  If you need any items urgently, please let us know and we will work something out.
Please bear with us as we get this process up and running – we will do our best to provide an efficient service!



Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support as a result of the Covid-19 Virus with the payment of 2020 Attendance Dues for students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.

Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or the Revenue Manager on (09) 360-3069 at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for further information.

Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be downloaded from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland Website:


We have had to change the way our business operates and developed exciting new online classes during Level 3 and 4 lock down.  It has been a great way to get kids to socialize, connect with our teachers as well as as develop new skills, using their imagination, and having fun presenting their very own creations with LEGO.

Here’s the link to enrol in the classes:


LCF Fun Languages Flyer Term 2 (Click to view)