Tēnā koutou katoa St Michael’s Catholic School Community,

“Me mahi tahi tatou mo te aronga o te katoa”
We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone.

Term 4 has begun but not how we would have liked it. I pray that God will give us strength and peace of mind over the coming weeks until we are able to have our students back at school. It has been such a challenging time for you all juggling family and work.

Update From The Ministry of Health

Yesterday afternoon Minister Hipkins announced the return to school for Year 11 – 13 students only, as they are of age to be vaccinated. He stated that he wasn’t “completely ruling out “ Year 1 -10 students returning to school before the end of the year, but that primary school in particular was tricky because our young children who cannot yet be vaccinated were at a “higher risk”.

I look forward to the next update, scheduled for Tuesday. (Please note: we don’t get the information regarding Education before it is announced, so we are often waiting for information and reacting in response to the varying scenarios).

While we wait to see if our children can come back onsite in 2021, we are currently working on:

  • Assessing the likelihood of ‘End of Year’ celebrations including prizegiving, Thanksgiving End of Year Mass and the Year 6 Graduation dinner.
  • Ways to keep our students engaged in remote learning as time goes on.
  • And, of course, making sure that we are complying with the incoming ‘teacher vaccination’ mandate and compulsory testing process.

Planned Meetings

We have decided to hold Zoom meetings for the following events:

  • New Families Evening – 18 November 7pm – 8pm
  • Senior School Information Evening – 25 November 6:30pm – 7:15pm
  • Camp 2022 information – 25 November – 7:30pm – 8pm

News Report about ‘Capybaras in Argentina’ By Santi Acosta Alvarado

Congratulations Santi on your news report with regards to the capybaras in Argentina. Please click on the link below to read all about it and to see Santi in action. I learnt so much from your article.

Kea Kids News: There’s a capybara revolution happening in Argentina | Stuff.co.nz (click to view)

SMCS Policies – This Term we are reviewing Religious Education

  1. Go to www.schooldocs.co.nz
  2. Click Search for your school.
  3. Start typing the school name and then select from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the community username and password:
    Username: smcs
    Password: mackillop

Instructions for reviewers

  1. Read the Behaviour Management and Concerns and complaints policies.
  2. Click the red Policy Review icon at the right-hand top corner of the page. A new screen will appear.
  3. Select your role (board member, staff member, or parent/caregiver) from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your name (optional).
  5. Submit your ratings and comment

Attendance Dues Support for Parents and Caregivers facing Financial Difficulties due to the current Covid-19

Details on how to access this support is available on the following website. https://www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz/catholic-schools-2/ or please contact Carol Krebs [email protected]

Encountering CHRIST

St Michael’s Parish Website – (Sunday Masses postponed until further notice).

The Church in Times of Lockdown (click to view)
Daily Mass during this time of uncertain many people appreciate being able to follow and pray along with the familiar ritual of the Mass. We know this is not ‘going’ to Mass but it is a way of connecting with our faith community and joining in praying for the needs of the world.
www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz (click to view)

Diocesan Events

Opening of Diocesan phase of Synod

The opening liturgy of the Diocesan Phase of the Synod ‘Walking together’ on Sunday night on Facebook, Youtube and Zoom began the Diocesan journey. Pope Francis in prayer “Come, Holy Spirit! You inspire new tongues and place words of life on our lips: keep us from becoming a “museum Church”, beautiful but mute, with much past and little future. Come among us, so that in this synodal experience we will not lose our enthusiasm, dilute the power of prophecy, or descend into useless and unproductive discussions”.

More info on the Synod https://www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz/synod/ (click to view)

Coming events…

Go online for the full programme https://www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz/home-2020-new-design/the-church-and-covid-level-4-2/#programme (click to view)

CDA Connect – Latest Issue
https://www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz/services/cda-connect/ (click to view)

Manaaki ki te Atua,

Ann McKeown

PTA News

Welcome back to term 4!

Here we go again. Unfortunately as we are all uncertain about what’s going to happen this term, it’s another very short and sweet update!

Families affected by COVID

We hope that you are continuing to cope in your bubbles and would just like to re-iterate that if your family is struggling in some way and we can offer some type of support like picking up shopping etc, please email the PTA at [email protected].

Also, if you may be in a position to help other families in your local community, please contact us to let us know where you live and what you may be able to do. Thank you very much to those who have already.

Scholastic book orders

Unfortunately we won’t be able to hold book week this year, which also means that there will be no onsite book fair either.

Luckily for us, Scholastic has created an online digital catalogue with home delivery. It’s a supersized issue full of Christmas goodies as well as the most popular books from 2021.

Scholastic Digital Catalogue (click to view)

If you spend over $35 then delivery is free. Ordering from the brochure is easy, it is all done online via LOOP (the Linked Online Ordering and Payment platform for parents). There are two ways you can order online:

  1. Visit mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz to set up your account and order through the website.
  2. Download the LOOP App (this is a different LOOP from the Skool LOOP App!) and follow the prompts.

There is an easy to follow guide how to do it:

Parents Guide to setting up LOOP (click to view/print)

Our School benefits hugely from your Book Club orders. Rewards points are earned through our spend, and these points are gifted back to the Teachers and Library at St Michaels School throughout the Year.

Yummy stickers

The Yummy stickers collection has been extended until level 2, so please continue to collect these if you have them on your fruit. When we return to school, please place them in the PTA postbox or give them directly to Mrs Barrington. Last year SMCS collected close to 6000 points, which equated to over $700 of playground and sports gear.

Link to the collection sheet- Yummy Sticker Collection Sheet (click to view/print)

We really hope (as I’m sure you all do) that we will be able to get back to School at some point this term and give the kids some sense of normal life.

Take care all
Ree, Sarah and the PTA


Becoming Church Programme 2022 – Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist (First Holy Communion)

Enrolments are now open for the 2022 Sacramental programme.  The programme is suitable for children Year 4 and up (> 8 years as at 1st May 2022).   Please visit the St. Michael’s Parish website https://remueracatholic.org.nz/sacramental-programme/ for dates, enrolment form and further information.

A parent information evening will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 16th November 2021 at 7:30 p.m. (registration details to follow).  It is expected that parents who have enrolled or are planning to enrol their child in the programme attend.

The presentation will outline the format and content of the course to give a clear understanding of what is involved.  Any questions, please contact Emma Houghton at [email protected]

Catholic Diocese of Auckland Vacancy Notice

Executive Officer

We are seeking a highly capable and experienced Executive Officer.  Our Executive Officer will provide executive support in governance, legal, property, finance, treasury, human resources, risk and compliance as well as supporting the GM on strategic projects and initiatives.  It’s a busy and very interesting role working with a great team of people. The role will assist our GM to collaboratively manage the leadership team.

While handling strategic and operating information with integrity and confidentiality, you will have the experience to prioritise tasks that change frequently. Of course, strong skills in most of these applications is important – MS word, Excel, SharePoint, Mailchimp, Infoodle and PowerPoint. Our senior team is also advanced in their use of these applications.

We’re looking for a people person with great communication, relationship and administration skills. Sound judgement, accountability, discretion, initiative and the ability to work autonomously, efficiently and professionally are essential for the success of this position and its reputation.

 Please visit the Diocesan website www.aucklandcatholic.org.nz to view the full advert and position description.

Applications are via SEEK and close on 3 November.