Tēnā koutou katoa St Michael’s Catholic School Community,

“Kia ngangahau, kia whakawhānuitia te Rongopai a te Karaiti”
To live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I want to acknowledge and farewell the 22 families of the Year 6 students who will be leaving us this year. You have all contributed to our school in special ways. Some of you have had a long association with our school:

Fleur and Roger Ford (Christopher) – Christopher is the 12th member of Fleur’s family to attend. Her uncle, aunts and mum attended as children, with Chris’s great uncle Leo starting at the school in 1931. Chris’s great grandfather, Mate Nola, helped build the current church in 1933 (bricklayer). Fleur’s brothers and sisters, then Fleur, attended in the 60s and 70s. Their eras at the school are 1931-1946, 1965-1980, 2015-2021. Such a great legacy.

Afele Family (10 yrs); Arceo Family (6 ½ yrs ); Bauzon Family (6 yrs); Canapi Family (7 yrs); Choi Family (9 ½ ); Courtney Family (13 yrs); Croad Family (9 yrs); Curness Family (2 yrs); Donnelly Family (12 yrs); Dwyer Family (6 ½ ); Goodare Family (9 yrs); Hulbert Family (4 ½ ); Marshall Family (8 yrs); Menzies Family (7 yrs); Popovic Mitchell Family (10 yrs); Munapeyi Family (13 yrs); Robins Family (8 yrs); Snell Family (2 yrs); Stones Family (3 yrs); Urlich Family (11 yrs); Wolski Family (8 yrs)

Year 6 Leavers Liturgy and Presentation – Monday 13 December at 9:30am – 10:30am

All Year 6 students are invited to meet on the king’s lawn on Monday 13 December from 9.30am – 10.30am. Students come in their school uniform.

End of Year Prize Givings!

Each class will be awarded 4 Catholic Character Awards and 4 Diligence Awards. In light of the update that we will be continuing as we are until the end of the year, Mrs McKeown will present the certificates in class when students are at school in Week 9. If children are working at home, certificates will be able to be collected from the office.

2022 Classes

Room 1 – Isabella Anderson – Year 0/1
Room 2 – Catherine Westwood (and Christine King) – Year 0/1
Room 3 – Charlotte Bagnall – Year 1/2
Room 4 – John Hazel – Year 2
Room 5 – Lauren Brown – Year 3
Room 6 – Sophie Dodd – Year 2/3
Room 7 – Jessica Jost – Year 4/5
Room 8 – Rebekah Capon (and Kate Smit) – Year 5/6
Room 9 – Louise Spora – Year 5/6
Room 10 – Philippa Barling (and Georgina van Schaijik) – Year 4

On Monday 13 December, after school, all parents will be emailed their child’s/rens class placements for 2022.

Tender for School Lunches 2022

We are looking for tenders for school lunches for 2022. If you know of anyone who would like to tender for school lunches please can they email Genevieve van Coller [email protected] They would need to be certified by Auckland Council.

2022 – Schools are Open in all colours of the Traffic-Light

At this stage we do not know what colour light we will be in but school is open for all students. Before and After School Care is able to open. If we are still in Red then no non-essential visitors will be allowed and large gatherings are not to go ahead.

Planned Meetings

There will be a Zoom meeting for the following event:

  • New Families Evening – rescheduled to 9 December, 7pm – 8pm

Health and Safety Reminders

  • No Parents on Site – Please email the office if you need to pick up your child early).
  • If a child is sick they need to stay at home.
  • Year 4 up to wear masks
  • Washing/sanitising hands regularly
  • Bring a named drink bottle (Staff can refill these as needed)

Encountering CHRIST

St Michael’s Parish Website – (Sunday Masses postponed until further notice).

NZ Catholic – Click Here
Some headlines for this issue: Masses celebrated under traffic light system. SVdP toy shop in Wellington. Replica planned for damaged bishop’s chair. Redefining obedience to stop spiritual abuse.

Third Week of Advent Prayer

“Jesus, you will come among us once again to give us your very life. May your life’s gift inspire us to make our lifes a gift to you, over and over again. Amen.” (pinterest.com)

I wish you all peace and happiness at Christmas and throughout the New Year. I pray that God will protect you and your families over the Christmas break. To our Graduates and leavers, I hope you have a smooth transition to your new schools. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Meri Kirihimete

Manaaki ki te Atua,
Ann McKeown

ICAS Results – Mathematics

Congratulations to the following students on their ICAS Mathematics achievements!


High Distinction:
Year 6 – Alejandro Gollop
Year 4 – Taylor Sun

Year 6 – Kyan Choi, Julia Wolski
Year 5 – Yuri Lee
Year 4 – Marionne Shae Sequera

Year 6 – Petra Slavich, Rosie Stones
Year 5 – Sophia Petrus, Sabine Twomey, Raphael Wee, Steele Wichman
Year 4 – Mich Duan, Mackenzie Green, Raphael Kirton, MacKenzie Porteous

Year 6 – Maggie Bauzon, Isaac Houghton, Samuel Wong
Year 4 – Javier Gollop, Kitty Murray-King

BOT News

Pena ka tere to haere ko koe anake
Pena ra tawhiti te haereko koutu katoa

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, we go together

Kia ora whanau,

After the disruptions we faced in 2020 I think we all hoped that 2021 would see a return to normality however that wasn’t to be the case.

This has been another challenging year as Auckland has had to deal with several lockdowns including the current lockdown which impacted term 3 and 4.

Lockdown taught us all how communities can come together and look after each other in times of need. We were all able to demonstrate the Mary MacKillop values that underpin our school.

As a Board we are fortunate to have the staff at the school that we have. Individually and collectively the staff rolled up their sleeves to develop a remote learning program and have continually adapted it to the needs of our students. I would personally like to thank Ann for providing strong leadership and her hard work dealing with the ever-changing government restrictions and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our children. We don’t have some of the resources that other larger schools have but we do have a teaching and support staff that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our students were able to continue learning. I would also like to thank the St Michaels team for their resilience, positive attitude, and dedication over this last year.

COVID has meant that the PTA and the school haven’t been able to run all the events that I know the kids and parents all enjoy. The PTA play an important role for our school and I want to thank Ree, Sarah and the rest of the PTA for their help and support over the last year.

Earlier this year we completed the upgrade to the lower playing field drainage. We were also fortunate to be able to open and bless the new reflective area, which was a great event that was well attended by so many of the Parish and School community. This is an asset to our school and thank you to everyone that contributed to making this such a special place.

In August we were able to get together as a community and share some ideas around the future of the school. This was an opportunity for us to hear what is important to you and we are incorporating some of the major themes into our strategic plan. I hope next year we can continue to support each other and one of our aims for 2022 is to continue to build a strong school community.

Earlier this year we had Candice Harris and Cassy Wooler step down from the Board of Trustees and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their valuable contributions during their time on the board. We were lucky enough that Marija Batistich agreed to join the Board and her skills and experience will be a real asset.

I would like to say thank you to the Board of Trustees. It has been a real team effort and I want to thank you all for being so engaged and supportive over this challenging year. It is disappointing that we can’t get together as we normally would to celebrate the achievements of our students and send off our year six students in appropriate fashion.

I’d like to say goodbye to the year 6s, who along with my daughter, embark on the next chapter of their schooling, and wish them well on their next adventure. We hope as a school we have been able to equip you with a great education and life skills that will help you in whatever you do next.

I started with a Māori proverb, but I’ll end with an Irish one.
For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way: good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.

On behalf of the Board, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.

Catholic Diocese of Auckland Notices

Advent Prayer and Action | An invitation

Advent is a Season of Hope. As we move out of a period of stay-at-home orders, with Covid-19 a reality in our communities and a sense of uncertainty we are hopeful that all shall be well. In this season when we prepare with hope for the coming of Emmanuel – God with us all are invited to join a circle of prayer. Prayer for ourselves, our communities, the world. Each morning from the first Sunday of Advent 28 November – Christmas Eve at 8.30am on the diocesan Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/aucklandcatholic advent prayer will be offered. Young people and staff from our school communities, representatives from parish and ethnic communities, diocesan staff will lead us prayer. We the diocese gathering to pause and pray together. Then at 10.30 am [ 1-24 December] same place we will upload an Advent Calendar. Not a digital chocolate but it will open up an Advent Action. A simple way to connect with the Gospel and live the hope of Advent. Please join us.

Becoming Church

Becoming Church Programme 2022 – Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist (First Holy Communion)

Enrolments are open for the 2022 Sacramental programme. The programme is suitable for children Year 4 and up (> 8 years as at 1st May 2022). Please visit the St. Michael’s Parish website https://remueracatholic.org.nz/sacramental-programme/ for dates, enrolment form and further information. Please note that enrolments will close on Tuesday 14th December or earlier if capacity is reached.

Any questions, please contact Emma Houghton at [email protected]

2022 Term Dates

Term 1: Thursday 3 February – Thursday 14 April (Teacher Only Days 1 February & 2 February)
Term 2: Monday 2 May – Friday 8 July
Term 3: Monday 25 July – Friday 30 September
Term 4: Monday 17 October – Wednesday 14 December

2022 School Stationery 

School Stationery for 2022 will be ready for parents to order via the school website from Tuesday 14 December 2021.
  1. Please visit www.smcs.school.nz and click on the ‘Parent Information’ tab
  2. Select Stationery List (this will take you straight through to the OfficeMax website and will prompt you as you go.
  3. Type in St Michael’s and our school will pop up for you to select
  4. View the Requirements list
  5. Make sure to type in Name and Surname and select the Year Level for your child/ren.
  6. View list (you may also untick stationery items you may already have at home to avoid doubling up)
  7. Purchase and have delivered to your residence.

PTA News

Well here we are finally at the end of another fairly disrupted year. Unfortunately quite a few things that we had planned for terms 3 and 4 didn’t happen, but we’ll look forward optimistically to next year.

Second Hand School Uniform Shop

Unfortunately as Parents are not allowed on the school site at present, we are not able to operate the second hand school uniform shop at any time this term even as a contactless service.

Sabrina has offered to open for one afternoon before we return to school at 3pm – 3.30pm on 25th Jan 2022 before school starts next year, which will still allow time to go to Elizabeth Michael too if necessary.

If you are unable to make this time and date, please email Sabrina via the [email protected] address and we will pass on any queries to her, preferably prior to 25th Jan as she can check for stock on that date and try and arrange a contactless pick up for you.

If you have uniforms to donate to the shop, please send it in to the school office by the end if term if possible so that it may be added to the shop for the January 25th opening date.
School have asked us to re-iterate PLEASE ONLY SEND UNIFORM IN WITH YOUR CHILD, Parents are asked not enter the school site at all.

Runathon money – Thank you!

Thank you for those who have sent in their Runathon money. We raised Just over $3,500 this year, which is going to be spent on new PE equipment for the school. Thanks to all of those who got their trainers on and ran, scooted, skated, biked and danced their way to raising money for this. Well done to everyone who took part.

There are ‘completion’ stickers at school for your child’s completed Runathon form please see Mrs Barrington to get a sticker for your chart. If you still have your ziplock bag sitting at home, please could you return these to Mrs Barrington as we can reuse them for a future event. Thank you!

Yummy Sticker collection

Thanks to all of you who have been eating your way through hundreds of pieces of Yummy fruit to collect stickers for the school. We heard today that we have raised a grand total of $753.00 to spend on ‘Play time’ sports equipment from the Yummy company.

If you still have stickers at home, you can continue to collect them and keep them at home towards next year’s collection which will start in terms 2 and 3.

Yummy Sticker Collection Sheet (click to view/print)

End of term class get togethers

Sadly, as per the Ministries of Health and Education guidelines, we are not allowed to hold any end of term class picnics at school this year.

PTA past, present and future

In case you missed it last week!
We would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the many volunteers who have helped with the events that we HAVE been able to hold during the past year. (Not to mention the time that some people had already spent planning and organising events that we weren’t able to hold in the past term or so).

We would especially like to thank all of the members of the PTA who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make events a success.

We would particularly like to say a final ‘Thank you’ to those members with children in Year 6 who have given their support over the many years that their children have been a part of the school, we will certainly miss you all.

If you would be interested in helping either generally or with any particular roles within the PTA in the upcoming year, please contact us on [email protected]. New people with different perspectives and ideas to help improve aspects of the school for the students and wider school community are always welcome.

Class Reps

We’d also like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the Class reps who have kept information flowing to and from the classrooms in this challenging year. Also, if you would be keen to volunteer as a Class Rep for next year please email us and let us know.

Next meeting date TBC.

Take care all, we hope that you have a fantastic Christmas and a lovely New Year and we hope that next year will be a more normal and settled one for us all.

Ree, Sarah and PTA.





Enrol for Music Lessons in 2022

Lewis Eady Music School offers group or individual lessons on a range of instruments: piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, singing, drum kit… the hard part is choosing which instrument!

To enrol your child for music lessons at school in 2022, complete an online enrolment form at https://bit.ly/LewisEadyMusicLessons