House Information


In 2008 a ‘House’ system was introduced to foster stronger relationships between age groups of children.

House Names  Colour Significance to St Michael’s
Cluny Blue The congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny was founded in 1807.  St Michael’s has a close association with Cluny kindergarten.
Pompallier Yellow Jean Baptiste Francios Pompallier arrived in NZ in 1838 and worked for 30 years bringing the Catholic faith to New Zealanders.
Patrick Green St Patrick was born in Scotland in 385 AD and was taken to Ireland as a boy.  He preached the gospel for over 40 years.
MacKillop Red Mary MacKillop was an Australian nun and together with Father Woods founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

The houses will cover all age groups of children with older children developing leadership skills through role modelling to, caring for our younger children. All children will be encouraged to strongly support their ‘House’. All children are assigned a house and siblings will share the same house.

Children are asked to please wear either a T-shirt or polar fleece of the appropriate colour and their St Michael’s sports shorts for sports events.

Houses Points and Leaders 

House points are awarded in two different ways

Sports Points

At each of the three major school sporting events (swimming, cross country & athletics) points are awarded.

Class Points

Points are awarded within each class on a weekly basis.  At the end of the year cups are presented to the winning houses. Students from Year 6 are chosen to be house leaders.