Our school newsletter is published on a Thursday each week which is automatically sent out to parents via Mail Chimp and Skool loop. Newsletters are designed to keep parents informed about school, including Parish activities. Copies of Newsletters can be printed if required and are located under the ‘Parent Information’ tab.

Open Door Policy

Parents/Caregivers are most welcome to discuss their child’s progress or other important information throughout the year. In the first instance teachers should be approached, then the syndicate leader, then the Principal. As teachers are very busy, meetings should be organised at a mutually agreed appointment time, after school hours. Likewise, teachers will contact parents for an appointment if there are aspects of a child’s progress which need to be discussed further. Regular email contact is encouraged between teachers and parents.

Term Calendar

Term Calendar dates are available on Skool loop and our school website. The Calendar will list each significant school, Parish, PTA and Board event for the term.

Notice Boards

Notice boards are located in the senior and junior block. All current school sports notices, PTA events and community information are on display.