Enrolment Information

Policy Guidelines

1. Purpose

a. To meet the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for integrated schools as well as providing guidelines for entry to St Michael’s Catholic school.

2. Guidelines

a. To give priority to those families that actively participate in the parish life of St Michaels, Remuera or St John’s, Parnell and wish to have their children educated with the same Catholic values and within the same parish.

b. In the first instance, parents will need to obtain a “Preference of Enrolment” Certificate from the Parish Priest*. This certificate will be issued based on the guidelines set by the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference, April 2009. A copy of this can be obtained from the
Parish Office when an appointment is requested with the Parish Priest.

c. Between the first and second term of the year prior to a child’s start date families will be notified by mail as to whether a place is available. Families of qualifying children are expected to notify the school in writing of their acceptance of the place offered to complete the enrolment process.

d. A child that qualifies but cannot be placed due to a full roll may be put on a waiting list at the parents’ request. The waiting list will be administered and regularly reviewed by the Principal.

e. Any appeal of an unsuccessful enrolment, must be made within one month, and in writing to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. If the issue is not resolved, then, further appeal may be made to the Bishop of Auckland or his delegated representative through the Parish Priest and this decision will be final.

f. These guidelines have been ratified by the Parish Priest and the Board of Trustees of St Michael’s Catholic School.

*If a family has been unsuccessful in obtaining a Preference of Enrolment Certificate, an appeal form can be obtained from the School Office.

**Extraordinary circumstances could involve personal tragedy or some other family crisis beyond the control of the applicant that needs special consideration.

**Being actively involved in the parish means being on the parish roll and regularly attends mass and supports parish life, ministries etc.

Parents must obtain a signed Preference Certificate from the Parish Priest of their parish for each child seeking enrolment as a preference student.

Non-preference students do not require a signed Preference Certificate.


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