General Information

Accidents and Sick Bay

Any accidents occurring at school will be dealt with promptly and recorded in the accident register.  The hurt child will be taken to the sick bay and assessed. Minor accidents and sickness will be dealt with at school.  Parents will be contacted immediately if their child needs medical attention.  In an emergency the child’s doctor will be contacted or the child taken to the A & E clinic at One Health. Any knocks to the head – A parent will be contacted.


School Assemblies are held every second Wednesday from 2.15 p.m. in the St Mary MacKillop Hall, and are recorded on the Term Calendar. All families are welcome to attend.

Assemblies are a time for the school community to gather together and celebrate. Classes take turns hosting assemblies where they will share what they have been learning about, and help to celebrate the special achievements of children from across the school.

Bag Hooks

Each child in the school has a named bag hook. In the Junior block this will be in their cloakroom, in the Senior block it will be in the hallway outside their classroom.

Before School and After School Care

A before school care and after school care programme operates at the school out of the library.  Hours of operation are 7.30am – 8.30am before school and 3.00pm – 6.00pm.  During this time children are served afternoon tea and homework is supervised.  Parents wishing to use this facility should contact XLR8 Services Limited Sayonara Quadras on 021 1418 241 or email [email protected]

Becoming Church Programme

Children in Year 4 are invited to take part in the Becoming Church Programme, which prepares them for Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.  This programme helps parents to prepare their children for further initiation into the church.  The lessons begin at the start of each school year and finish at the Feast of Corpus Christi in June.


Year 6 only are permitted to ride bicycles to and from school. Helmets are compulsory and a parental permission form needs to be signed.  Bike permission forms are available at the school office. Bikes must be pushed down the driveway.  The bike rack can be found on the asphalt adjacent to Room 10.  Riding of bicycles or skateboards is not permitted on school grounds with the exception of a fund raising activity or ‘Wheelie Day’.

  • Children may ride scooters to & from school but they must be closed up & carried into school & stored somewhere safe in the classroom.
  • Children may ride scooters to & from school (the school holds no responsibility outside the school gates).
  • The scooters must be carried to the school gate before being used on the return to home trip

Book Week

Book Week is generally held in Term 4 of each year.  During this week a variety of activities take place celebrating children’s reading, culminating in the very popular book parade.

Collecting Children from the School Grounds

When collecting your child from the school grounds please ensure you do not stand outside the classrooms and disrupt the end of day routine.  This is the time when teachers need the children to be focused as they impart important information for the next day and hand out notices.

The Senior block gets congested before and after school, please collect your children if possible from outside.

Contact Information

At the beginning of the school year a Student Information Sheet is sent home with each child to ensure the school holds accurate contact details for everyone.  Please contact the school during the year if your details change.  It is essential that the school be able to contact parents in the event of an illness, accident or emergency.

Dental Care

When a child starts at St Michael’s, parents are asked to complete a Dental Services Enrolment Form. Parents that wish to use this service will have their children seen by a Dental Nurse annually. A dental report is sent home following an examination with recommendations for dental work to be carried out. The work will be undertaken by Orakei Dental Clinic, unless parents advise otherwise.

Drills: Earthquake, Fire and Lockdown

These drills are held on a regular basis. Evacuation drill procedures are located in the school office, staff room and every classroom.


Enrolment forms are available on our website’s home page. Please complete the forms required and either drop them into school, or email them to [email protected] If you would like a tour of the school, please phone the Office Manager to arrange this on (09) 520 0933.

At St Michael’s, children can start school on their fifth birthday. In New Zealand it is compulsory for children to attend school from the age of six.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is held each year on the Feast of the Assumption in August to celebrate the important role that Grandparents play in children’s lives.

Hearing and Vision Testing

When a child starts at St Michael’s, parents are asked to complete a consent form to allow screening tests for their child’s hearing and vision. These tests are carried out by Hearing and Vision technicians for each new entrant and children that require further testing. An audiology report is sent home following an examination.

Internet Access and ICT

At the beginning of each year all children and staff are required to sign a Computer and Internet Use Agreement. By signing this children and staff understand and accept responsibility for the use of PC’s and the internet at school.

Junior Citizenship Award

Each year the Remuera Lions Club present a Junior Citizenship Award to a girl and boy in Year 6 from each school in Remuera. Children are chosen that best exemplify the ideals of the Code which are; honesty, friendliness and helpfulness, generosity, courtesy, respectfulness, willingness, sympathy, carefulness, determination and loyalty.


Each class visits the library once a week giving the children the opportunity to change books. We urge children to be responsible for the returning of library books at all times and for parents to encourage home reading. The Library is also open at lunchtimes and run efficiently by our student librarians.

Lost Property

Lost property storage baskets are located outside Room 7 and outside Room 2 classrooms. Any unclaimed items of clothing, P.E. uniform, lunch boxes and miscellaneous items will be placed in these grey storage baskets. Please name all your child’s clothing and personal property to avoid loss.

Lunch Boxes

At St Michael’s we encourage healthy eating and ask that you do not send sweets and fizzy drinks to school in your child’s lunch box.


Any medication your child may need for allergies or asthma must be clearly labeled and sent to the school office.

Messages for Students

Teachers are focussed on working with your children during class times, and will not necessarily check their emails during the day. If you need to send a message to your child urgently, please phone the School Office.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are available through the Lewis Eady Music School run each Friday at St Michael’s. Group lessons are available in a range of instruments depending on numbers. For further information contact Lewis Eady on (09) 524 4119.

Outreach Opportunities

The school participates in a number of outreach opportunities across the school year. Fundraisers are organised by our Year 6 leaders, and cater to a range of charities. Families will be informed of upcoming fundraisers via the school newsletter.

Parent Help

If you are able to help in your child’s class on a regular or one off basis, please contact your child’s class teacher. Parent helpers are a hugely valuable resource in a variety of ways. Parent helpers are needed on sports days and for transporting children to out of school activities.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are held at the beginning of Term 2, and the beginning of Term 4, and are used to discuss your child’s progress and achievement. Interview slots are 15 minutes long, and you can book via the School Loop app.

If concerns arise outside of these times, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a meeting time.

Patrol and Duty Teachers

The pedestrian crossing at the Bassett Road entrance is patrolled from 8.30am to 8.50am and 2.55pm to 3.10pm each day by the Year 6 children and supervised by a duty teacher. The parking area at the Beatrice Road entrance is supervised by a duty teacher from 2.55pm to 3.10pm each day. At 3.15pm a bell will ring, and any children not picked up from school must report to the school office for collection.


There are two playgrounds at St Michael’s. The upper playground is available for children from Year 3 and above. The lower playground is available for the use of children from Year 0-3.

Children who use the playgrounds after school must be supervised by a parent or caregiver. Any accidents that occur at this time are the responsibility of the parent/caregiver.

Release Time for Class Teachers

All teachers are entitled to 10 hours release time each term to be used for the preparation of lessons, marking, assessment and Professional Development.


School progress reports are sent home twice per year: at the end of Term 1, and at the end of Term 3. These reports will show your child’s achievement at school, and outline their next learning steps so that you are able to continue to support their learning at home.

Road Safety and Parking

Please observe the yellow lines on Bassett and Beatrice Roads and do not park over them. Please do not use private driveways either side of the pedestrian crossing at Bassett Road for dropping off children. These rules are enforced by the school and local Police to ensure road safety for all children, and that a clear line of vision is possible either side of the pedestrian crossing.

All classes participate in Road Safety programmes run by the local Police.

School Photos

Individual, class and sports team photos are taken annually by Photolife in Term 3.  Parents order their child’s photos online via a unique “shoot key” code which is sent home with the students.


Stationery packs can be ordered online via the St Michael’s website by clicking the Parent Information Tab.  Their Class Stationery list will appear on the drop down list which will allow you to order their Stationery.  Enter your child’s details and tick the box next to their Room number.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is available for classes to use in Term 1. Children have two water safety lessons per week in the pool. The pool is not available for use outside of school hours.

Swimming caps are compulsory for all children, and are available for sale in the school office. Swimming caps cost $3 each.

Travel Consent

At the beginning of each year parents are asked to complete a travel consent form that gives permission for students to leave the school grounds for trips during that year.

Year Six

In year 6 children are entitled to extra responsibilities, activities and privileges. These are:

  • Leadership Camp, held in Term 1
  • House Leaders
  • St Francis Friary Retreat, held in Term 1
  • School Patrol
  • Wet Day monitoring
  • Bell duties
  • Rainbow’s End trip, held in Term 4
  • Leavers Dinner, held in Term 4
  • Leavers Mass, held in Term 4
  • Junior Citizenship Award, presented in Term 4