Strategic Goals

  • Catholic Character: To create opportunities for personal encounter with Christ
  • Culture: To care for, acknowledge and nurture our diverse community of learners
  • Curriculum: To inspire our students to take ownership and responsibility of their learning
  • Community: To foster a connected community through open communication and regular interaction
  • Care and Well-being: To strengthen spiritual, physical, social and emotional well-being (hauora) of students, staff and community

Special Catholic Character Goals

  • To develop in each child a knowledge, understanding and respect for the Catholic faith and a love of Jesus.
  • Pastoral care is fostered amongst children and the wider school and Parish community.
  • To live our Catholic faith.
  • To be other centered, not self-centered.
  • To know about the Josephite Charism through St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and how this can positively impact on our daily actions.

Achievement Goals

  • To embed and sustain effective teaching practices so that each child will attain and exceed targets across the curriculum.
  • To have in place effective data collection, analysis and measurement systems to accurately monitor performance against targets.
  • In conjunction with our core curriculum, provide resources and teaching programmes that encompass gifted and talented, sports, special needs, cultural and religious education.
  • To recruit, develop and retain the highest quality personnel both teaching and support.

Environmental Goals

  • To create, sustain and develop an environment, both physical and emotional, that is conducive to learning.
  • To prepare children for their next stage of learning in an environment that encourages high standards of achievement and a love of learning.
  • An environment where everyone in our School community feels safe and is aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • To continually move forward, through innovation, creativity and endeavour.