Holidays and Extended Leave

Holidays in School Time

We strongly encourage all families to take holidays during term breaks. On occasion we understand this is unavoidable. Please request permission in writing from the Principal at least two weeks prior to the holiday being taken.

Extended Leave

All extended leave which results in removal from the school roll, needs to be requested well in advance of the leave being taken. Due to roll pressure, any extended leave which results in the child being removed from the school roll, may cause the child to lose their place at St Michael’s Catholic School. This occurs when a child is enrolled into another school in New Zealand.

While every effort will be made to accommodate requests for re-enrolment of the child at the end of the extended leave, there is a chance that the child’s place may have been filled and they may not be able to re-enrol at St Michael’s Catholic School.

We hope you understand the school’s predicament.