Lunch Orders


We are using myKindo app to order Sushi on Wednesday and order Pizzas & Ice blocks on Friday.

KINDO App Instructions (click to view/print)

Step 1 – Create an Account

Step 2 – myKindo Login

(Menu click here, link is Sushi Menu Wednesday)

Lunch must be ordered via myKindo website or the app before 9am on the day.

We encourage you to download the app and register your children ASAP. Don’t forget to top up your account so you can start ordering.


Lunch will be provided by BODRUM Kitchen on Thursdays. Students may collect their lunches from the Hall Foyer area at 1pm.

Bodrum Kitchen’s Mission Bay menu is inspired by Mediterranean street food, particularly Greek and Turkish cuisine to which we add our own creative twist. With experts in both cultures cooking away in their kitchen, their flavours are a true celebration of life in the Mediterranean.

Ordering Lunches

Payments are to be made the night before the lunch orders. You may email  or text your order to 022 382 6381. Please ensure you state your Child’s name, Room number and their lunch option.

You may also place your money in an envelope at the office before 9am on the day.

Payment may be made via bank transfer to:
Bodrum kitchen Mission bay
Bank Number: 03-1509-0116182-000

Bodrum Menu

All lunch options cost $6.50 each.

  • Meat Balls w Roasted Vegetables
  • Beef Burger & Chips
  • Hush Puppies
  • Fish Finger & Chips
  • Hot Dog Sliders
  • Roasted Chicken & Chips
  • Cheese & Mince Quesadillas
  • Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Bao Buns w Pulled Lamb
  • Garden Salad w Chicken or Lamb or Falafel or Halloumi

Bodrum Kitchen Menu (click to view/print)