Lunch Orders

St Michael’s provides Subway, Sushi and Nachos lunch order options.

Subway is available on Tuesdays which is ordered by parents online only.

The Messy Kitchen will provide Nachos on Wednesdays and Sushi on Thursdays . Envelopes available in school reception area. Collection from the School Hall.

Pizza and Fruju are available on Fridays.


Ordering Subway Online

Click the link  below to place your order
Click on lunch menu to start your order
Phone (09) 520 2299

Order Subway


Sushi Menu

Salmon Maki Rolls – $6
Tuna Maki Rolls – $5.50
Chicken Teriyaki Rolls – $5.50
Cucumber & Carrot Sushi – $5
Rice Balls – $4
Chicken Teriyaki on Rice – $6
“Poke” Sushi Salad Bowl – $6 (choice of salmon, tuna, chicken teriyaki) 

Pizza & Fruju 

These are available on Fridays and is organised through our PTA who have volunteer parents to sell the pizza in our school hall.