School Privacy and Permission Form

2021 Privacy Act – Collection and Use of Information

Contact, health, academic and permission information is collected annually and used by the school to support the education and wellbeing of your child. Schools are required by the Ministry of Education to collect enrolment information. In accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 the information you provide in relation to your child’s enrolment, and any subsequent information, and other personal information, is used from time to time by SMCS School, for the purposes of:

  • The Board and/or the school meeting the obligations under the Education and Training Act 2020.
  • Providing for the student’s education;
  • Recording and maintaining student records of academic progress and achievement;
  • Reporting to caregivers/ parents;
  • Providing contact, health, academic and wellbeing information when transitioning a student from one school/ECE to another;
  • Recording and maintaining accounts;
  • Communication with caregivers/parents;
  • And, when the school is obliged by law to give information to government departments (e.g. Ministry of Education and Health), but it will not otherwise be disclosed without your authorisation.

Retention of personal information

The school will determine how long it holds personal information, but will not keep personal information for longer than is lawful or necessary to achieve the purpose for which we may lawfully use or retain it. This follows the Ministry of Education’s requirements of maintaining and the retention of school records. Any information shared with approval in a public facing forum, such as a school website, are not deemed personal information, whereas non-public facing channels, are deemed personal information.

We ask that you please advise the school if you have any concerns about disclosure of any specific information within the school. Please refer to SMCS Policies/Procedures at  (Username: smcs; Password: mackillop)

Please fill in the form below and submit when completed.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I authorise SMCS School to obtain or transfer student’s information to other schools/ECE/agencies as required for the purposes of the Board and/or the School meeting their compulsory obligations under the Education and Training Act 2020, and I authorise that person or organisation to disclose such information to SMCS School or Board.
  • I understand that this information may be used for voluntary statistical and/or research purposes (such as AsTTLE, PAT and Literacy assessments) and agree to its use for that purpose, provided that if the information is published in any way that will not identify me or the student.
  • The school takes photographs or videos of students to record activities within and beyond the school environment. These include academic, sporting and cultural events, and class photos. This voluntary information is sometimes published in the school newsletter, website, year books, school photo albums, digital learning sites, and are used for historical records. I agree to my child’s photo being published in school based publications and/or communications, and their name being included in school photos and kept in the school’s historical records.
  • This allows the Class Rep to email class info/reminders/school events and any other relevant information to parents.
  • St Michael's Catholic School uses the internet and a range of digital technologies as part of our educational programmes. Teachers and children have guidelines regarding use of school devices and use of the internet and these are monitored thoroughly. I give permission for my child to use a school device, use digital technologies, and to have work published on the school website and in the newsletter.
  • Classes and groups of students frequently travel outside the school grounds to visit locations for study, cultural and sporting purposes. The School’s policy is to invite parent assistance using private vehicles whenever possible provided there is a seatbelt for each passenger. For larger groups we use buses from accredited charter companies. Parents who are in a supervisory role cannot have a preschooler in their care. You will be informed in advance of all such occasions by information in the Principal’s newsletter and/or a separate letter from your child’s teacher or syndicate leader. Attendance at senior school camp will continue to depend on separate consent and you will be informed accordingly.
  • I am aware that I have the right to access and correct information held by SMCS School about either myself or my child.
  • I agree to this information being recorded and used for the purposes outlined above.