Welcome by Father Tony Dunn

Names are important; they tell us something about who we are, to which family we belong and something of our story.
There is something unique and special to be called St Michael’s. St Michael is an Arch-angel and his name means
“He who is like God.” Our Catholic tradition teaches us that when a saint or angel gives their name to us or a place, we enter into a special friendship relationship with them.
St Michael minds, cares and protects all those who come to his parish and school, which bear his name.
Under his guidance we come to know, love and serve Christ who is the reason for our school; through Christ all things were made and so every aspect of knowledge mirrors something of the Beauty, Goodness and Truth of God.
Through our participation in the life of our parish and school we learn to be disciples of Jesus, who are to make disciples for Jesus.

Father Tony Dunn
Parish Priest

Parish Contact Details 

Father Tony Dunn [email protected]
Office Manager Fiona Twomey
Parish Office Hours 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Parish Office Contact Details Phone (09) 520 1226
Email [email protected]
Website remueracatholic.org.nz